Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Erikitty here!

After a few days being stuck in bed and some inspiration from the little lady over at I have decided to revamp my blog and give it another go! Isn't this exciting?! Well... for me at least & hopefully for you too. I love nerds, cute stuff, pop culture, fashion, makeup, & food and love to share the fun things I find with others. I'm really excited to get started so let's just jump right into to it! GERONIMO!


Just Me :) said...

wooooohoooo! i'm excited to see what kind of stuff you post here!
oh, and thanks for the shout out :)
you know how i do a weekly 'dudes and dogs'?! maybe you can do a spin-off 'dudes and beards'...... hahahaha ;)

erikitty said...

Oh my gosh! What a good idea!!! Although... I dunno if I could handle all that beardy-ness! Hahahahaha <3 said...

the cutest colors it is!

erikitty said...

Glad I am that you think so!